Zynga, the company responsible for cluttering your Facebook updates with nonsense having to do with FarmVille, CityVille, CastleVille and pretty much every other time-wasting thing that ends with "Ville," is no longer bragging about raking in tons of money. Now it's cringing as reports trickle in that the developer got shanked for an $85 million loss last quarter.

Could it be that people are wising up and not spending as much money on imaginary farm and construction goods? Not a chance. Revenue and unique users were both way up. The main reason for the loss was that Zynga was a bigger spender than even its silly fans, dropping $180 million to swallow up OMGPOP, makers of Draw Something.

Sorry, player haters, but Zynga isn't going anywhere. The social gaming giant still owns the ad and microtransaction-supported Facebook realm and is making headway into the mobile scene. But if it keeps getting jealous and acquiring every dangerous competitor, it will continue to lose as much money as your dad does on poker night. Learn how to fold, dude - your bluff sucks.