Gist: On Halloween night in a small Midwestern suburb, Michael Myers, a nightmarish demon-spawn in a hockey mask goes on a killing spree of young teens in the area.

Supposed Godlessness: No matter what happens to Michael Myers — including being shot at point blank range several times over — he continues to live in order to kill some more. He is unstoppable evil…

Counter Argument: …but try as he might, he can’t seem to kill our young heroine, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. Curtis’ character is brainy and ingenious and she continually thwarts Michael Myers’s many attempts to stab her with a giant butcher knife. Notably, the beginning of the film she is also the character least beset with regular teen vices (booze, sex, rock ‘n’ roll), suggesting a pious life might afford you a chance in this brutal world.

Conclusion: Inconclusive, however, it’s noteworthy that the film ends with Michael Myers having vanished but his looming evilness seemingly lurking everywhere in the town, with its blowing autumn leaves and deserted front yards.