Given that sex is an integral part of life, there are plenty of extraordinary folks out there who try to outdo us all. Hence, we have put together this list of the 10 Most Amazing and Bizarre Sex Records in order to put the spotlight on those who go beyond the limits. Since the Olympics are starting, we figure that we would go back and look at some of the greatest gold medalists in the world of sex. Be sure to wear your safety goggles, prepare to duck and don't share any drinks with anyone on this list. Because today, we're going to marathon through the 10 records - both amazing and bizarre - in sex.

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    Most Children Birthed

    Giving Birth by the Litter

    Starting off our 10 Most Amazing and Bizarre Sex Records are some of the most fertile women in history. A woman named Valentina Vassilyeva had a whopping 69 children throughout her life, which is amazing considering she lived in the 1700s. Given the quality of life in Shuya, Russia, health practices and record-keeping done in the 1700s, the exact details of her life can't be verified. But Valentina allegedly gave birth to 16 twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets. Currently, Leontina Albina from Chile claims to be the mother of 64 children, with 55 documented and verified. Most of Leontina's offspring also were twins and triplets. For the most 'solo' births, Livia Lonce of Canada has given birth to her 18th child at the age of 44 just a few years ago. That's an awful lot of child support if any of these ladies ever got divorced.

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    Largest Porn Collection

    Be Kind, Rewind

    The owner of the world's largest porn collection used to be Ralph Whittington, whose collection can be found in the provided video. Going into the digital era, it looks as though Mr. Whittington has tried to clean up his act. So the hundreds and hundreds of porno VHS cassettes and magazines he had have all been donated to Daniel Gluck's Museum of Sex, which is currently located in Manhattan. Let's put it this way, part of Whittington's collection were broken down by the film studio of each porn, that's how elaborate it was. If only he only knew that years later most of his collection would be able to fit on couple of hard drives.

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    World's Biggest Orgy

    There's Someone for Everyone

    Oh, Japan. First you bring us video games and now you bring us this. Just a few years ago, Japan set a world record, which featured 250 men and 250 women all having consensual sex at the same place and time. This means that the land of the rising hump has won the record for the biggest orgy in history. If you search hard enough on the Internet, you can actually find this video, especially since it was filmed with multiple professional camera crews documenting the entire event. Unfortunately, Japan must not be a fan of swinging, because all 250 couples remained exclusive to each other and no one deviated to another partner. Considering that another Japanese entry occurs later on our list of Amazing and Bizarre Sex Records, we're guessing Japan is all about the love.

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    The Naked Mile

    Not Just an 'American Pie' Spinoff

    In the largest, nudist marathon ever regularly done, students at the University of Michigan would all go streaking at the end of their winter semester through the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Given that Michigan's weather is bad even in mid-April, it was absolutely freezing each time the college kids would do it. Nevertheless, over 1,500 students ran streaking through the town on April 21, 1998, which is a world record for marathons of naked runners. This was an ongoing, yearly activity until the attraction of both porn websites and concerned parents resulted in the police of Ann Arbor shutting it down every year before anyone got to the starting line.

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    Most Semen Swallowed


    In July 1991, a woman by the name of Michelle Monahan had to go to the hospital in order to get 1.7 pints of semen pumped out of her stomach. That's almost a full liter! A lot of semen theorists believe that this was actually the actress Michelle Monaghan of 'Mission: Impossible'-fame, but we highly doubt it due to the conflictions of Monaghan's age and where she was born during the time of the time of...consumption. We couldn't find any footage or news reports of the actual event, so instead, here's a hot girl chugging a liter of beer to give you an idea of what Monohan was like before she went to the hospital. Nevertheless, we find this one a bit hard to digest. 

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    Longest Fapping Session

    Forearm Workout of the Year

    We're only halfway through our 10 Most Amazing and Bizarre Sex Records, and we have yet another world champ! Tiger Woods might be a pro when it comes to his stroke, but Masanobu Sato is one of a whole different caliber. At the 2009 World Masturbate-a-thon in California, Masanobu jerked his stick shift knob for 9 hours and 58 minutes. In the provided video, we find out the secret to Masanobu's endurance, and it's not just well-developed forearm muscles. His day starts somewhat normally: he wakes up, brushes his teeth, his girlfriend starts making breakfast as Masonobu drops his trousers and starts cranking his junk in front of her for two to three hours every single day before he goes to work. That sounds like work already.

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    World Strongest Vagina

    Redefining the Word 'Snatch'

    Now we go from the Johnson with the most endurance to the vajayjay with the most force. 42-year-old Tatiata Kozhevnikova is a Russian lady whose cooter has one mean handshake. Tatiata has set the world record for the strongest vagina by being able to lift over 30 lbs. of weights that dangle from a line that she holds with nothing but her holiest of holies. Tatiata said that after having her first child, she decided to read Daoist literature and found out that the women of old used to do similar exercises post-childbirth as well. We guess that in mother Russia, the vag fingers you.

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    World's Biggest Gang Bang

    Now Serving: 919

    Anyone with any knowledge of the porno industry would recognize the name Lisa Sparxxx. This MILF broke a major record back in Warsong, Poland at Eroticon 2004. Eroticon 2004 was a part of the Third Annual World Championship Gangbang, and guess what world record they would try to break every year?. In 2003, the record was raised to 759 men. But Lisa Sparxxx shattered the previous record a year later by having sex with 919 guys in 24 hours. Congratulations to Lisa for servicing more people than a McDonald's drive-through window in a 24 hour period.

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    Biggest Johnson

    A Weapon of Mass Erection

    Jonah Falcon is the manliest man in the world. With a 13.5 inch-long wang that is over 6 inches around, this guy sells it to ladies by the pound. Ironically, Falcon's girth was documented and measured by Dr. Robert Dickinson. We guess it takes a dick to know a dick. In a recent news report from 2012, Falcon had an altercation with TSA agents at John F. Kennedy International Airport when the agents had to pull him aside to an interrogation room because they thought he was carrying a weapon, boy were they right.

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    Farthest Ejaculation

    Painting the Ceiling White

    The top spot in our 10 Most Amazing and Bizarre Sex Records has everyone beat... by about 18 ft. 9 in. Horst Schultz apparently shot one off in a public setting with a muzzle velocity of 42 mph. Schultz' flying salt-yogurt then went 12 ft into the air and traveled a distance of 18 ft. That's like gym class shot put record. Guess there's a reason why the guy's name sounds like the German translation of the words "Horse Shots". Schultz is only guy in history whose meat rocket should be sponsored by NASA. To have any idea of how much of a distance this actually was, watch the provided fishing video and watch the fishing line.

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    The Ultimate Nicki Minaj Twerking Supercut