Meet AnnaLee and GoGo, two SuicideGirls who both list their location as being lost. They may not know where they are, but we’re happy these hotties found each other for these steamy photos -- Merry Christmas to us all!

Name: AnnaLee

Age: 27

Location: I’m lost.

Into: Living a good life.

Not into: Cars, television, cigarettes, meat, drinking culture, negativity, superficiality and people with no imaginations or desires

Five things I can’t live without: A book, a quiet place, fresh air, hot tea and, of course, music.

Vices: Book-buying, but that’s probably not too unhealthy. I am also addicted to expensive chocolate.

I spend most of my free time: In a book.

Name: GoGo

Location: I’m lost

Occupation: Mononoke wolf queen.

My idea of a good time: Staying in and watching old movies on TV.

Makes me happy: Jezzy Blackwater

Favorite bands:

  1. Tom Waits
  2. Black Heart Procession
  3. Howlin’ Wolf
  4. The Tallest Man on Earth
  5. Micah P Hinson
  6. Explosions in The Sky
  7. Neurosis
  8. Three Mile Pilot
  9. Pinback
  10. 65daysofstatic

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