Like baseball itself, the action here is short and quick and comes with the anticipation of a final pitch in a World Series game.

A man at a Milwaukee Brewers game last week accepted a $100 bet to lick up another woman's vomit after she ralphed in the stands.

Don't believe us? Give it a watch below and make sure your tummy doesn't have anything too sensitive in it because this is really disgusting.

It's pretty amazing he did it and even more amazing that the stadium worker who was right there to clean up the mess (boy, how would you like that job?) does not try to step in and stop him. Of course, he's getting paid and someone else is doing his job, so who can blame him?

The Brewers are not expected to do great things in the 2016 campaign, so stomach-churning play shouldn't be too much of a surprise. What is a surprise is the fact a fan would do this before the calendar has flipped to May. The Brewers aren't out of contention just yet, so the fans don't need cheap diversions just yet.

But think about it. If this is what they're doing in April, do you really want to imagine what kind of antics are in store come August when their 30 games out of first? Ugh, that's enough to make our stomachs turn.