Cosplay girls are a video game nerd's dream come true. Have trouble talking to women because you spend twelve hours a day trying to beat Fire Emblem: Awakening on lunatic difficulty? Fear no more! You'll surely have a few things in common with these beautiful cosplay girls who dress up as some of video games' most legendary and tantalizing characters.

What most people don't know is cosplayers spend weeks creating costumes from scratch. This isn't cheap attire from the Halloween party store. How these talented women have time to create these costumes while also playing the latest 100+ hour RPG will remain a mystery forever.

Our friends at Arcade Sushi took care of all the heavy lifting and assembled the most gorgeous cosplay girls from around the globe. Check out some of our favorite cosplay girls selected from their Cosplay of the Day feature below then click the button to check our their definitive list of the hottest cosplayers ever.

Street Fighter’s Cammy White

Cammy White Most Beautiful Cosplay

Guilty Gear’s I-No

Guilty Gear Beautiful Cosplay

Borderlands' Lilith

Borderlands Beautiful Cosplay

Dead or Alive’s Kasumi

Beautiful Cosplay Dead or Alive Kasumi



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