Riding the bus may not be glamorous, but don't you dare tell that to the fine people of Edmonton, Canada.

This is an epic commercial -- yes, an epic commercial -- for the city's bus system. It seems peculiar because, at least south of the border here in the States, riding the bus is a pride-swallowing journey to Depression Junction with stops at Bubblegum Seat, Obese Seatmate and Pothole Village.

But up in Canada, taking the bus appears to be as inviting any theme park attraction that you wait two hours in line to ride. As we're reminded, you can choose your own seat (!), open windows, enjoy more leg room and text (that seems like a no-brainer, considering you're sitting and not driving). Heck, we're even told the driver is cool. Why, this sounds so awesome that we're going to stop dreaming of cruising around town in a Ferrario right now.

The music and voiceover make this seem more like a commercial for the next Hollywood  blockbuster and less like a mode of transportation that no one actually wants to take.

Ah, the power of advertising. Whoever is behind this ad should get the DMV account, pronto.