Where is She Now?

Topanga from ‘Boy Meets World’ – Where is She Now?
Who could forget Topanga? She was the ultimate childhood best friend who grew up into the best girlfriend ever in 'Boy Meets World.' She eventually became Corey's wife, confirming what we all knew from the start: this weird chick and this goofy boy would eventually get together. So wh…
Al Lambert From ‘Step by Step’ – Where is She Now?
Alicia "Al" Lambert was the middle child from the Lambert clan in the TGIF sitcom, 'Step by Step.' She started out being a complete tomboy thanks to having two brothers, but upon reaching maturity, she started embracing her more feminine side. Actress Christine Lakin played Al on 'Step by …
Ruthie From ‘7th Heaven’ — Where is She Now?
Look we didn't watch '7th Heaven,' we swear. Our little sisters did. Can you blame us for being in the same living room? So of course we know Mackenzie Rosman, who played little Ruthie Camden; she was always a pretty adorable little kid. Wonder where is now? You won't believe it.

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