Oh, Florida, don't ever change.

Joshua Lee Werbicki was arrested last Friday by police in Brevard County, Florida, and charged with animal cruelty after he was allegedly caught on camera having sex with his roommate's dog.

Werbicki's roommate, who has not been named, apparently set up an in-home surveillance system at the Palm Bay residence they shared because she suspected him of abusing a child. Instead she discovered him abusing her German shepherd mix named Angel.

According to Palm Bay Police spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez, “The premise for the camera was because there was some concerns that there was a child living at that address that she suspected was being abused."

The dog's owner described her as a family pet, and she had noticed Angel limping around and newly frightened of family members. Police say Werbicki, 22, sexually assaulted the dog at least six times over the past year.