Girl fight. That got your attention, didn't it?

Check out this battle between two women in a restaurant. We don't know why they're fighting and we don't really care. All we know is things got pretty saucy when one of them "mustered" (Get it? Like "mustard?!") up the nerve to squirt the other one with a bottle of ketchup.

Here's a fun fact: like a dry hamburger, condiments make any girl fight better. Why some scrappy lass hasn't already realized this is beyond our scope of comprehension.

These two ladies may need a little refinement (yes, there is some NSFW language), but they don't need a lesson in how to fight dirty.

We hope you enjoy the video. Or should we say we hope you "relish" it.

Okay, we'll stop now.

No word on whether either woman will be charged with a-"salt."

Okay, now we'll REALLY stop.