It's time we started paying more attention to Hannah Ferguson. Like, waaaaaaay more attention.

We have a confession to make: Until this post we had not even mentioned her on this site. That is to our everlasting shame. Anyway, that's Hannah up there in a recent Carl's Jr. commercial. Yes, the same Carl's Jr. that gave us Paris Hilton washing a car in high heels and very little else a few years back (hence the Paris cameo at the end of the Hannah ad):

As we coped with the embarrassing dearth of Hannah Ferguson posts, we figured the least we could do to make up for it was to scour her Instagram for a few pics to show you.

First off, here she is as a homicidal cheerleader for Galore Mag:

And here she is in GQ from not too long ago:

A memorable shot from the Carl's Jr. ad:

And now for a few personal favorites: