Mortal Kombat Fatality Lives released for consoles last year, but the PS Vita version releases tomorrow, May 1st in North America and May 4th in Europe.

Reportedly, it will have the same features as the Komplete edition and includes new costumes and a new Challenge Tower that were not available in the console versions.

The game's ad agency produced a couple of live action spots featuring hot models doing sexy cosplay, one of which featuring Kitana that you see above and the other featuring Mileena.

So, who's the hot girl posing as Kitana? It's Rachelle Glover, a 27 year old model, singer, dancer, and fitness model who's appeared in 'Maximuscle', 'Womens Running', and 'Health and Fitness' magazines.

You might've seen her as an extra in X-Men First Class, but she's also appeared in a handful of music videos and was even featured on the original X-Factor back in 2007.

She also enjoys kick boxing, ice skating, and shopping for high heels. Her feet must detest her. They're also probably stronger than Larry Fitzgerald's hands.

Age: 27 | Location: Northampton, UK | Ht: 5'6" | Wt: 116 lbs | Measurements: 32C-23-34

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