We recently clued you in to the hot girl who played Kitana in the live action commercial for 'Mortal Kombat Fatality Lives' on the PS Vita. In that post, we told you there was a second promo featuring Mileena, which you see below.

As we stated, the game comes out tomorow (5/1) in North America and 5/4 in Europe. The console version won Best Fighting Game at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards and received superb ratings across the board, so expectations are high fro the PS Vita title.

While Princess Kitana was one of the first ladies of video game fighters, Mileena was originally known as Kitana's evil twin sister but was later revealed to be a deformed clone created by the sorcerer Shang Tsung.

If Mileena is any indication, deformity is definitely getting a bum rap. Anwyay, who's the hot girl that plays Mileena in this live action trailer? It's Danni Levy, a fitness expert for SKY Living, author of 'The Pyramid Diet' (out May 10th) and health columnist for The Sun. Check out her hottest pics... for your health!

Age: 28 | Location: London, England | Ht: 5' 3" | Wt: 110 lbs | Measurements: 32D-24-34"

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