Who needs coffee to start your day when you have the 10 Hottest Playboy Girls of 2014! These women represent the best of the best in terms of what Playboy has to offer this year. Expect to see Playmates from the magazine itself and some of Playboy's exalted Cyber Girls (Playboy Cyber Girls are mainly featured on Playboy's online site as their Cyber Girl of the week). A little bit different than last year's list, you guys might find out that some of these lovely ladies have some very naughty secrets to hide. Let's take a trip down the rabbit hole and enter the magical realm of the 10 Hottest Playboy Girls of 2014!

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    Kate Moss

    Starting off the Playboy girls is a lady who needs no introduction. Kate Moss has been one of the faces of the modeling industry over the past 25 years. One of the highest paid models in the industry over the past decade, we never thought we'd ever see Ms. Moss shoot for Playboy during the twilight years of her career. Luckily, she proved the naysayers wrong and showed that she has still got it.

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    Amanda Booth

    From Watertown, NY, we have February's Playmate of the Month, Amanda Booth. It's ironic that such a heart breaker in our Hottest Playboy Girls of 2014 list would be the Playmate for the month of Valentine's Day. Amanda also enjoys surfing, photography and poetry. Now what kind of love letter would we have to write in iambic pentameter to convince her to ride our board?


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    Khloe Terae

    Our most devout readers might recognize Khloe Terae as a recent Babe of the Day. This Cyber Girl is from America's top hat in Quebec, Canada. Last year, Khloe was also Miss February in Playboy Mexico, Miss April in Playboy Greece and also Miss June for Playboy South Africa. But with a body like that, she deserves international recognition. While she's been pushing her own lingerie line, we've been begging her to take it off.


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    Bryiana Noelle

    Say hello to Playboy's Miss September of last year, Bryiana Noelle. A perfect blend of Filipino, Chinese, Native American and Spanish, Bryianna has the right amount of international hotness within her. It doesn't matter if it's Christmas time or the off-season, Bryiana has people screaming for more Noelle all year long.


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    Carly Lauren

    Carly Lauren was Playmate of the Month in October. Carly loves staying in shape, sharp heels and fantastic wine. All you need to do after this is refer back to Playboy's October issue. Because once you do, corks will definitely be popping for Ms. Lauren.


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    Roos Van Montfort

    Roos Van Montfort is the bunny to bring about the new year as the Playmate of the Month for January 2014. Roos is from the exotic areas of Geldrop, Netherlands. And with a body like that, this Dutch goddess is making us live up to her hometown's namesake. We're only halfway through the 10 Hottest Playboy Girls of 2014 - it's hard to believe that it could possibly get any hotter than this.

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    Kennedy Summers

    Christmas may have already came, but we may have also for Miss December, Kennedy Summers! From Berlin, Germany, Ms. Summers was previously enrolled at a university pursuing an anthropology degree before she became a Playmate. Regardless of whether or not she finished her schooling, she sure looks like an expert on bones to us. Starting this year, Lady Summers will be working on her international movie career.


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    Jennifer Vaughn

    Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Year for 2013, Jennifer Vaughn sure does wish we could do more than just cyber. Ms. Vaughn hails from Houston, Texas, and we would sure like to go south of her border. This phenomenal female is also a fan of photography (but behind the camera, not in front of it) and animals! And believe us, we'd beg and roll over in order to catch Ms. Vaughn on all fours.


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    Gemma Lee Farrell

    There was no better way to close out this past year by having Gemma Lee Farrell as the Playmate of the Month for November! Gemma got her start doing ads and commercials for energy drinks, but we'd have a monster of a time with her! She also happens to be the first Playmate in history to be from New Zealand! See where this sultry seductress ended up on our list of the Hottest Women of 2014.


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    Say hello to Gisele, a Playboy Cyber Girl and Xbix's Web Babe of the Year! What else is there to love about such a blond goddess? Well, the fact that she originally started her modeling career in the adult industry! Keep an eye out online for her web cam shows, which reel in tons of fans worldwide to the various naughty things we can't fully show you here. Nevertheless, Gisele is a gear head. And despite all the muscle cars she's a fan of, there's only one muscle that revs whenever we look at her. Expect to see her as a Babe of the Day on GuySpeed very soon. With such an excellent figure, we know that this year will her year, so congratulations to Gisele for being the Hottest Playboy Girl of 2014!

    You can try to get your daily fix of Gisele on her InstagramTwitter and official site.


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