Turns out the sign for masturbate is exactly what you'd think it would be.

American Sign Language is by nature a very expressive language, because it's spoken with the whole body. Facial expressions imply grammar, and the space around the body is often used for indicating present, past, or future tense. It's fun to watch. Just like most things in the world, it's even more fun when it's about masturbation.

A Redditor recently found a goldmineof videos on the Jehova's Witnesses' ASL website, and shared a link to "God's Love 22-Gain the Victory Over Masturbation." Since then, a bunch of YouTube geniuses have dubbed over the video with stellar song choices. Here is another favorite.

Suggested drinking game: Drink every time it syncs up perfectly. You'll be drunk in five minutes.

Best Reddit comment so far: "The only sin here is that guy has hands that talented and they will never, ever be used to get anybody off."

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