If rock and roll was dead, Dutch punk rockers John Coffey grabbed a defibrillator and brought it back to life: During their set at the PinkPop Festival in the Netherlands yesterday (June 14), singer David Achter de Molen nonchalantly caught a cup of beer thrown at him from pretty far away, barely spilled any of it ... and then drank it, all while crowdwalking. Check out video of the amazing spectacle below:

A Dutch website managed to identify the fan who threw the beer as Niels van den Ham, a 38-year-old man who works in advertising. The interview is in Dutch, but via Google Translate, it seems that van den Ham became somewhat of a celebrity at the festival, as people were asking to pose for pictures with him.

"I was completely out of my mind," van den Ham said, translated into English. "Everyone looked around at me and said that was you, eh? I thought it was so beautiful how David [Achter de Molen] himself was not to go crazy, but really remained completely cool. And then I went and got new beer."

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