Leanna Decker, Playboy's Cybergirl of the Year, just released a new video. While only 30 seconds long, the video shows off a ton of latex, before Leanna starts taking it all off.

The word rubber by itself is hilarious (because we're juvenile) but the video of Cybergirl of the Year Leanna Decker makes us want to make a ton of puns about the material.

So, here are the best (and worst) we came up with in five minutes.

1. Let's hope those pants don't "rubber" the wrong way.
2. Tex isn't the only thing we want to lay.
3. The writing staff here, much like Leanna's pants, is made up of all-natural rubbers.
4. Question: If we suffer from a latex allergy, is it possible to get a lambskin copy of this video?
5. The Catwoman suit gets smaller with every Batman movie.
6. We're probably going to touch ourselves later. No joke, just extending the honesty branch.
7. We made a bikini like this for our girlfriend once, but hefty bags don't have the same flattering fit.
8. Rubber? But we just met! HUDDLA HUDDLA
9. You know the old expression "if it smells like cologne, leave it alone. if it smells like cow, best enjoy now."
10. Rubber latex is extracted from rubber trees so it's no coincidence this video is giving us wood.
11. It's unknown if rubber is found on other planets, but this video does prove it can be used to cover Uranus.

Got a joke? Leave it in the comments.

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