You may consider this the Christmas season, but there's a good reason you're staring at a "Holiday Tree" in your office lobby when you walk into work. It’s because yours isn't the only religion out there, as illustrated perfectly, in ‘20 Largest World Religions,’ one of the 190 illustrated lists in ‘Listomania: A World of Fascinating Facts in Graphic Detail.

‘Listomania’ should be on the top of every guy’s holiday wish list. You know all those "infographics" that pop up on websites? This is that, on overdrive, covering a total of 2,663 facts. Some of the lists are evocative, like ‘12 Influential Mistresses and Concubines' and ‘15 Curious Cannibals.’ Some are a little silly, like ‘8 Really Deep Holes’ and ‘6 Superstitions about Brooms’ and then there's the weirdly helpful lists, like ‘4 National Borders Where Traffic Switches Sides’ and ‘15 Unlikely Intoxicants.’

The best lists, though, are just weird, nonsensical but oddly fascinating nonetheless, like ‘8 Animals That Darwin Ate’ and ‘56 On-Screen Robots and Cyborgs.’ Our personal favorite: ‘10 Top Cheese-Eating Countries’ has Denmark at the top of the heap. Despite our obesity problem, the US doesn’t even make the top 10.

The list ‘14 Lies Movies Tell Us!’ mentions "Running in High Heels is Easy." Yes, fellas, this is a myth and just another reason to get angry about Anne Hathaway's Catwoman suit in the upcoming 'The Dark Knight Rises.' Perhaps someone can get Christopher Nolan a copy of this book for the holidays?