Some guy over at Sports Illustrated is asleep on the job. Why has Liz Chavez not been featured in the Swimsuit Issue? Why? That is the 'Holy Grail of Hot Chicks' and the fact that Miss Chavez (we can hope she's a Miss right?) has not been included is an insult to people with eyeballs everywhere.

She looks a bit like Kim Kardashian, but without the unbearable family, and no Scott Disick. That make her Disickless. And that body? Rating it on a scale of 1 to 10 is an absolute sin. We will not do it.

Chavez has been featured as a Maxim Hometown Hottie and a Playboy Summer Solstice model. She is a Nutrex sponsored athlete and a Vitrix Model Team member.  She's also covered Register Magazine as well as done modeling for Capristan and Jetedone swimwear.