The 2013 NCAA Tournament is upon us, and sure, the games are fun but we're more interested in the battle raging on in the bleachers.

Student body against student body. Alumni against alumni. Fans against fans. Bands against bands in battles of brass. All of this mayhem being led in furry outfits? That's right! The mascots! As important as the big man on the inside or the lights out shooter (ok, maybe not, but keep rolling with this) the mascot is a vital cog in the March Madness machine.

This year, we'll let the teams battle on the floor, but the fight for the coolest team mascot will be won on this very website. It's time to vote for the best mascot in the NCAA!

Brutus or Bucky? Billy or John Harvard? Which mascot will win the title?

Voting ends Monday, March 25th at 12pm EST then it's on to Round 2. Fans can vote once an hour from now until noon on the 25th of March.

Vote Now!

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