The group in Oregon that has taken over a federal building at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge has a message for you.

One of the militia's members, Jon Ritzheimer, posted a video on Facebook expressing how annoyed he is that people are sending hate mail in the form of sex toys. As he says, "It's really ridiculous. Rather than going out and doing good, they just spend all their money on hate and hate and hate and hate." He also continued to claim he will fight for his cause:

Ritzheimer probably shouldn't expect his pleas to make much difference. The group has become fodder for humor with the #daddysworeanoath videos parodying their cause, as well as the very popular Vanilla ISIS and Y'All Qaeda nicknames that have been passed around social media.

These guys aren't exactly getting the respect of the country. If anything, they remind us of some other guys who may have been a little clueless when it came to going to extremes to get themselves noticed.