To coincide with the release of deluxe editions of Rush's 1976 album '2112,' the band is releasing a 66-page iBook at iTunes. A comparison of descriptions of the iBook to the hardcover book that comes with the Super Deluxe edition indicates that they are essentially the same thing, although one gets a few band photos not published in the hardcover when they download this digital version, which does not come with the music.

For $4.99 fans who just want the bonus material and not the music, have some salvation at iTunes. The meat of the download is a 40-page comic book with images by artist Tom Hodges. Here the story of a futuristic society ruled by tyrannical priests is told, as it was originally written by Neil Peart for the album more than 35 years ago.

In addition one gets the liner notes by Rolling Stone writer David Fricke, expanded artwork, liner notes and unreleased photos. All of this is promised in the Super Deluxe version, which sells for about $57 at Amazon. Itunes also promises samples of all six original album cuts and three 2012 reissue live performances.

The iBook will be available on the same day as the re-release of '2112,' Dec. 18. One can also find simple CD/DVD or CD/BluRay versions for a lesser price, but those don't come with the bonus material. The best value may be to buy the CD/DVD at Amazon for $19.88 and then pick up the digital book for $4.99 at iTunes.

Watch a Clip That Previews the Rush, '2112' Book

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