Any babe that goes backstage at a Victoria Secret fashion show and posts pictures of her and her hot model friends in the dressing room deserves some kind of medal... or at the very least a parade in her honor.

Sara Sampaio is a Portuguese smoke show, who also moonlights as a Victoria's Secret Angel. We've featured a lot of the Angels as our daily babes lately, without really intending to do so. Who knew there were so many? How does Victoria get all these hot chicks in her stable? What is her... (wait for it)... secret?

We often wonder if the Angels all live together in a loft somewhere? Where is that reality show? It seems like we, as a people, need to know what happens when a gaggle of smoking hot chicks live in a house together and stop being polite and start getting real. We imagine that realness would result in many a sexy pillow fight... we also imagine that happens in the shower.

We know that doesn't make sense, but we can dream, you guys. We can dream.

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