Well, there's something to be said for getting right to the point.

In this social experiment (which is what every absurd stunt on the internet is called to make it sound less stupid, while also tricking people into thinking there may actually be a redeeming cultural discovery to be made other than a whole lotta clicks), a man approaches 100 women he doesn't know and asks if they'd like to have sex.

No small talk. No cheesy pick-up lines. Just straight-up "Hey, let's do it." It's even gutsier than the guy who wandered around Vegas asking ladies if they'd smooch him up.

While this may be how Charlie Sheen did business in his heyday, the odds of such a technique actually paying off for a random dude are slim.

You can see he doesn't do too well and we love the rejections -- "That'd be dope...but I have a midterm," "You're funny," "Is that a serious question?," "Like, not right now. I have a midterm. Let me give you my number, though," "No, that sounds horrible."

We can't officially say he batted zero, though, because a few women actually did give him his number. That's almost as amazing as the fact no policeman was shown tracking him down after getting complaints because you just know at least one of his targets must've contacted the authorities to say this guy was walking around harassing women.

If you're curious, you can see how a woman did when she went around asking guys the same question. Spoiler alert: she was received much better. Because men are pigs.