Look out, Harry Potter. There's a new adorable caster of magic on the block. That would be Nina, star of the fun iOS game Supermagical. Join Nina the little witch, in a cool tale that will take you on a magical adventure through different continents full of all kinds of different spells, puzzles, spells, and candy. Oh, and don't forget the Minix. What the heck are Minix? All the more reason to get a copy of Supermagical -- today's Free App of the Day!

Minix are magic-loving little buggers who are unwelcome guests in Nina's world. It's up to you to help her save the day and get rid of the Minix who have invaded. Once you cast one spell, you just can't stop. And you will need all of Nina's magic powers to get rid of them properly.

Supermagical is a fun puzzle and adventure game for all ages. You will travel to lots of magical locations, interact with fun characters, and brew up some awesome, witchy spells. You won’t be able to stop playing! Don't believe us? Check out our review.

Grab your eye of newt and toe of frog and download yourself a copy of Supermagical for your iPhone and iPad!

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