If you're prone to seasickness, then be warned: you may want to take your Dramamine right about now.

This boat runs into some serious 'Perfect Storm'-type waves while out on the North Sea, but that's fine okay because the man we hear in the video thinks it's hilarious -- he' like a Gilligan without Skipper on hand to slap him with his hat. He's laughing up a, well, perfect storm during his NSFW reaction to the kind of freakish occurrence that would test Captain Stubing's resolve.

Seriously, these waves are getting more chuckles than Carrot Top, even though his boat is getting tossed around like the contents of your stomach after one two many chalupas following a 2 a.m. post-drinking Taco Bell run.

This guy's sense of humor is more out there than this boat's coordinates. We bet a hurricane makes him laugh so hard he coughs up a lung.