TIred of the same old Friday night of calling a prostitute and then going to sleep with that weird,sad, empty feeling and 3/4 of a sicilian pizza in your gut, like us? Just kidding, we've never called a hooker (our girlfriends read this site, we'll talk later.)

If you are though, this new YouTube series by comedian 'Fat Jew' called 'Hookers Do Non-Sexual Stuff' might give you some ideas on how to think outside of the box the next time you're trolling the Craigslist casual encounters section looking for some pay-to-play action.

Instead of asking these ladies of the night to do him, he asks them to don blue and white facepaint and re-enact the epic final battle scene from 'Braveheart.' They're hesitant at first, but in the end they seem to be kind of into it, if only for the bizarre experience. (That last sentence is a pretty good summation of our entire sexual history, though, so maybe that's just the way it goes.)