We spend so much time thinking about sex, but so little time having it.

That's the pathetic reality to take away from a new study by Reebok, which concluded that the average person spends a mere .45% of his or life doing the nasty (we're guessing the sex takes places on a Saturday, too).

Assuming the average person lives 25,915 days, that equals only 117 days, which is about four months -- or roughly the length of the NFL season.

It's like Magic Mountain -- the relationship between standing in line compared to actually going on the ride is totally out of whack. We put so much effort into getting to the main event, which never lasts as long as the buildup. Depressing, right?

More bad news: we spend nearly 30% of our lives sitting down (as opposed to laying down with someone who gets our blood rushing to a certain organ) -- that's more than 7,700 days, which is about 21 years. Considering how much sex we're not having and how much sitting we're doing, we're thinking people are on their tushies watching porn.

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