As it turns out, Walmart is not necessarily the place where you can find women at their absolute worst.

The woman in this video (note the NSFW language) is more than just mildly upset that the gas station where she is doesn't have Skittles. You can't even say she was hopped up on sugar because she couldn't get her hands on the candy she so desperately wanted. Maybe she ought to go with a low-sugar defense.

It looks like every other product for sale takes a beating -- down go the Starburst, crushed are the bags of Rold Gold, smashed into a million pieces like a jigsaw puzzle are the two-packs of Pop-Tarts.

Everyone who was inside the store should feel fortunate she wasn't carrying a lighter because you get the feeling she'd go outside and set the pumps on fire.

On the positive side, we're pretty sure this woman's video will be referenced first and foremost from here on out whenever anyone needs to cite an example of what a hot mess is.