This woman gave her two-week notice -- or is that her two-cheek notice?

We've all dreamed of quitting a job in the biggest, loudest way possible, but this woman did just that by mooning everyone inside the restaurant where she no longer works.

Brace yourself: you're about to see more keester than your eyes can soak in without your retinas widening so much they'll explode. The woman also unleashed some serious NSFW language.

If you were too distracted by the visual to pay attention to the words, we can recap it for you. "I don't give a [bleep]," she says. "I got hired at Yale. Suck my [bleep]."

Of course she got hired at Yale. Probably just not in the English department, though. This woman just screams "Ivy League," doesn't she?

There's no word if the woman still has the new job in the wake of this clip going viral. If the offer was rescinded, she should send her resume to Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth and any of the other classic East Coast colleges. That, or go crawling back on her hands and knees to the restaurant to beg for her job back. It'd be more refreshing to keep the focus on those body parts.