A video game without a weapon is like a boardgame with a missing piece. They can be anything from a tactical shoulder-mounted nuke to the clever brain of the player. Without them, we’d be surrounded by baddies with nothing to defend ourselves. Thankfully, video game developers have showered us with weapons of every shape and size. Some are more memorable and others, and that’s makes them the stuff of legend. Below is our list of the 10 best video game weapons ever:

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    Biggoron’s Sword

    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    The absurdly long trading sequence involving a blue cucco, prescription eye drops, and a broken Goron sword was well worth the hassle when you first heft that two-handed blade up towards the Hyrule sun. Biggoron’s Sword was the same size as the Giant’s Knife, but completely indestructible. Dealing double the damage made life a lot easier when the master sword gets knocked out of Link’s hand during the final battle. Also, with its ridiculous size, it made Link look a bit like a Final Fantasy Character.

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    Blades of Chaos

    God of War

    The fury of Kratos could only be matched by the sharpness of his blades. These two wrist- mounted flying blades of death are almost as iconic as Kratos’s bellow. Watching those blades swing about with merry abandon as they liberally removed top halves from bottom halves is a joy to behold.

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    Experimental MIRV

    Fallout 3

    If you thought the Fat Man was the end all, be all weapon in Fallout 3, then you were dead wrong. Since one mini-nuke was obviously not enough overkill for the trigger-happy developers, the Experimental MIRV was thrown in just for good measure. It is the all purpose problem solver. No matter how big that mutant got, you just point the Experimental MIRV at him and the power of 8 simultaneous mini-nukes, he’d be reduced to a pile of irradiated ash. It was also useful for wiping small village off the wasteland. In case you wanted to make more wasteland.

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    Goldeneye 64

    If you were looking for a fast and accurate way to mow down hundreds of henchmen, or your friends in multiplayer, Goldeneye’s RCP-90 was the gun of choice. Dual wielding these beastly machine guns could reduce a hoard of enemies to a pile of sad 64-bit mush in a matter of seconds. Whenever you grabbed a pair of these in multiplayer, you could hear the sniffles of terror from your friends as they tried to put as much space between them and your pair of flashing muzzles.

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    BFG 9000


    The original Doom became a legendary game with a bit of help from one particular weapon. The BFG 9000 shot green balls of anti-matter with the ability to insta kill anything in their way. Suddenly the roving groups of demons didn’t seem so scary; your plight not so urgent. After nabbing this thing, you sit back and enjoy the simple pleasure of blasting your way through levels with merry abandon. You certainly can’t do that in games with “realistic” regenerating health and football fields of chest high walls.

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    Gears of War

    Two things identify Gears of War. The first is the overly-large bodied linebacker protagonists. The second is a chainsaw. Shunning the usual sharp object like a bayonet for the front of their guns, Marcus Fenix’s weapon of choice is a gun with a chainsaw at one end. Far from being useful for cutting down trees, it does pretty well at carving your way through hundreds of pissed off alien invaders. For the pure brutality factor, the chainsaw lands its way onto our list of the 10 best video game weapons ever.

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    Portal Gun

    Portal 1 & 2

    Not really a weapon in the conventional sense, the Portal Gun is a sort of all purpose tool for getting any job done. Something heavy that needs moving? Plop-plop, and it’s on the other side of the room. Pesky turret firing 65% more bullet at you? Plop-plop. Drop them through an infinite loop then launch them out into the cavernous underbelly of Aperture. Also, if used improperly, the Portal Gun will more than likely kill the person holding it. With love and radiation.

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    Star Wars: Force Unleashed

    It’s a lightsaber! Don’t deny that you’ve fantasized about laser sword fights with your friends. It is the most iconic weapon in film history and it of course has made a distinct impression on gamers. You get to live out a childhood dream of slicing your way through stormtroopers and chopping at flying bits of rubbish that an irate Sith lord is hurling in your general direction.

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    Gravity Gun

    Half-Life 2

    When you have the laws of physics on your side, nothing can stand in your way. Everything in sight becomes your ammunition when you have the Gravity Gun in your possession. Half-Life 2 was full of memorable weapons, but the Gravity Gun was the most enjoyable. You could hurl saw blades across the room to behead some horrific beast or pummel them with oil drums. Anything you could pick up became a fast moving projectile bent on splattering alien brains across the wall.

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    Sometimes the best weapons are the most simple and can be found in your local hardware store. The wrench in Bioshock was your saving grace when ammo was low. It was just enough to crack open the skulls of your enemies, but when paired with the Electro Bolt Plasmid, it became a devastating one hit wonder. The wrench felt like it had weight and would thud into whatever you placed in its way with such a satisfying sound. You may have forgotten about it when you were battling with a Big Daddy, but you were glad to have it when you ran out of ammo and had to desperately bang the brute over the head so you could steal his Little Sister.