Kevin Cotter's wife left him with almost nothing after their break-up. The one thing she did leave, however, ended up changing Kevin's life maybe even more than the divorce. She left her wedding dress.

"What am I going to do with this?" he asked, to which she replied "Whatever the f**k you want." And so he did just that-- he found 101 practical uses for the expensive memento from his past life. Kevin used the dress as a jump rope, pasta strainer, ice bag, dog toy, yoga mat, gas cap and ninety-four other practical uses for the garment and blogged about his experience every step of the way.

Cotter's book, 101 Uses For My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress, is available now. Here are ten practical uses for a wedding dress straight from the book.

  • 10

    Fishing Net
  • 9

    Jump Rope
  • 8

    Ice Pack
  • 7

    Dental Floss
  • 6

    Sports Banner
  • 5

    Shoe Polisher
  • 4

    Pasta Strainer
  • 3

    Grill Cover
  • 2

    Dog Toy
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