There's just no escaping Leonard Cohen’s classic song ‘Hallelujah.’ From TV show soundtracks to reality singing competitions, it's everywhere recently. So, it was gratifying to hear Adam Sandler's hilarious parody of the tune during last night's 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy benefit.

Instead of singing the song word-for-word, Sandler took great liberties with the lyrics, changing the chorus to "Sandy, screw ya" and throwing in a bunch of New York City-related references like squeegee men, the closing of Original Ray's Pizza and the regrettable lack of porn in Times Square.

Granted, it's no 'Chanukah Song,' but this performance has "tunnel whores," Linsday Lohan and Paul Shaffer playing piano and singing backup. And besides, it finally tells the superstorm what we really think of it.