Meet Aisline, a Suicide Girl who is getting lots and lots of attention.

Age: 25

Location: I’m lost.

Occupation: Bartender

Stats: Big-Medium-Big

Heroes: My mother.

My idea of a good time: The internet.

Gets me hot: Hair-pulling.

I lost my virginity: To your mom.

Into: Girls, movies, nighttime, awkwardness, saying inappropriate things, the beach, sunsets and sunrises, dancing, dancing around in my underwear, laughing at my own jokes, being the only one laughing at my own jokes, boobs, ruining everything I try to cook and making people pretend they enjoyed eating it, heavily tattooed girls and boys.

Not into: Big crowds, people I don’t know touching me, mirrors, drugs, being cold.

Makes me happy: Warm weather, music, driving around aimlessly, late nights, early mornings

Makes me sad: People with no morals, people with no common sense, people who can’t act in public, disrespect, greed, poverty and John Mayer.

Five things I can’t live without: iPod, Blackberry, laptop, a steady Internet connection and my family and cats

Vices: Sour candies.

I spend most of my free time: Trying to take over the world.

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