Opera phenom Alexandria Beck just might get us listening to opera.

It's not that we have anything against that type of music, it's just that, we have no idea what is going on. We get confused reading the directions on a Hot Pocket. There is no way we can understand people singing super loud in another language but a woman like Alexandria might get us to give opera another chance.

Alexandria has a range and flexibility which allow her to cross genres, from Opera to Pop, kind of like how we can change from right hand to left and then... oh nevermind.

A professional musician since the age of 16, Beck is a former army corporal who served in the Canadian military for eight years. After living in London for five years at the start of her career, Alexandria returned to her native Canada to work on her latest album.

Two tickets to the opera! We want to be right next to the stage but we're still gonna need those little binoculars. Nevermind what for, mind your business!