Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, can't you see -- sometimes your...well, everything. We're just hypnotized, in general.

This week's Babe of the Week competition was a close one -- Lisa beat the buxom brunette Serina Lisa by just under 2% of the vote. We know guys, it's hard to choose. We're proud of you for making a decision and sticking to it.

Lisa now moves on to fight for the title of Babe of the Month. She's training by brushing up on her guitar...skills:

Model Mayhem
Model Mayhem

Here’s the deal: At the end of the week, each Babe of the Day will compete for your votes and the winner will become Babe of the Week. Each week’s winner will then face off to become Babe of the Month, and those winners will then duke it out for – you guessed it – the Babe of the Year title. Only those lucky ladies will be inducted into GuySpeed’s Hall of Fame, an honor reserved for the hottest of babes.