Ken Imhoff has spent the last 17 years of his life assembling a Lamborghini in the basement of this home. Day by day, part by part, Imhoff put together the automobile because of his passion for working on cars. Now he wants to cash in on that passion -- he's listed the car on eBay.

Imhoff spoke with Jalopnik and said the reason for selling was two-fold. First, he's ready to move onto other projects and secondly he's got two daughters rapidly approaching college age and he's going to need the cash.

Imhoff also admitted he hasn't really been giving the Lambo the time and attention it deserves.

"It started gnawing at me that I'm not taking care of this thing the way I should," Imhoff says. "I'm doing it a disservice. And I thought, ‘boy, could I actually sell it? Could I actually pass it on to somebody else and be okay with that?' I was a little concerned that I could actually let go of it. I worked on this thing for 17 years.

Find out more about his car on his official page.