Everyday you go to your job, stare at a computer screen, put up some drywall, or flip burgers, and when you come home, you want to escape the mundane and enjoy a bit of adventure. An RPG is synonymous with adventure. Some of the most compelling and epic stories ever told in video games were clad in the cloak of an RPG. They envelop you in entire worlds far flung from your own and let you live out a life you might never have known.

So snatch up a controller and one of these discs that contain a whole world for you to play. Here are the 10 best RPGs to help you escape the daily grind.

10. Persona 4

Atlus has never shied away from releasing some really strange games. Persona 4 and its predecessors were no exception. Part RPG, part simulation, part murder mystery, part anime, and part Cronenberg-esque fantasy, Persona 4 wears many hats. But, it switches between them exceedingly well and provides an always intriguing gaming experience. By day you’re tasked with navigating a suburban mystery, while at night you must fight your way through the TV World. Did we mention that it has a fantastic soundtrack too?