You've scraped together all your nickels and dimes yet you still can't afford to buy the original Batmobile from the 1966 TV show when it goes up for auction next year. Just like your girlfriend did when she decided to date you, you might have to settle for second best. Perhaps a replica built with a 1988 Ford Escort GT?

From the eBay description:

"Donor car =1988 Ford Escort GT 1.9 turbo 5 speed with 132,300 Miles. Tagged and emission- tested as street legal in NJ. “Bat” is the most photographed vehicle of The Tri-state region . It is the most fun you can have without getting pulled over . Though Cops- my fellow crimefighters- have stopped the Batmobile, they quickly apologize for their lights and then enthusiastically ask for photos."

Batman not included BUT the seller is willing to sell his authentic replica 1966 Batsuit which Burt Ward once said "looked at good as the suit Adam West wore in the series."

We're saving up our cash for a replica Eartha Kitt. Me-ow.