This 27-year-old actress was born into the entertainment business -- Her father is an Italian film director and her mother a well known American film star.

In middle school she attended Friends Seminary, and then she graduated from high school at Saint Ann’s in Brooklyn, New York. In 2007, she graduated with a major in Italian studies from Brown University.

She began acting at the age of seven, making her first appearance in Tim Robbins’ political satire, 'Bob Roberts'.

In 2001, she was slapped by her real mother on a guest appearance of NBC’s popular Thursday night sitcom, 'Friends'. Eventually she landed a role in the third season of the super sexy Showtime series Californication, where she played the role of a stripper and love interest to one of the centralized characters.

Since then her television career has remained steady, making appearances in an episode of 'House', as well as 'New Girl' starring Zoey Deschanel.