This week, college freshmen orientations begin around the country. Students will meet the people they'll live amongst for the next few years. Some of those people will end up becoming lifetime friends and others will be just a small blimp on the memory radar. Some will just be massive idiots.

If you're going to college freshmen orientation, here are 19 people you're sure to meet. If you've been to college freshmen orientation in the past, you've already met them all, and might even call a few your "friends."

Honestly, get new friends.

  • The guy who walks around barefoot

  • The girl who will help you graduate

  • The guy who gets drunk and in trouble the first night

  • The guy who ends up transferring before school starts

  • The girl who will sleep with everyone

  • The girl who loves 'causes'

  • The girl who thinks she's Anna Kendrick in 'Pitch Perfect'

  • The guy who thinks he's Frank the Tank from 'Old School'

  • The guy you went to high school with, but didn't talk to, and still don't

  • The guy you went to high school with, who you were friends with, but you'll eventually stop talking to

  • The girl with way too much school spirit

  • The girl you'll sleep with and never talk to again

  • The girl you'll sleep with and she'll never talk to you again

  • The orientation student who'll be really nice -- then ignore you the first day of classes

  • The girl with parents who hang around too long

  • The girl who Facebook friend requests you three minutes after meeting

  • The guy who will gain 50 pounds

  • The new student everyone on campus knows already for some reason

  • The guy who will die