'Boy Meets World' star Danielle Fishel is looking five kinds of fantastic on the cover of the newest issue of Maxim. Fishel is promoting the new spinoff to the 90s favorite that I just decided I'll be DVRing every week.

Fishel, and the other Savage kid, will reprise their original roles for a spinoff about life after Corey and Topanga get married, have a kid, grow miserable with one another and contemplate divorce and am I still talking about a TV show or my own life?

In the Maxim interview, Danielle Fishel admits to going out with Ben Savage once (we all make mistakes) when she was 15 and that she realized they were more "like family than lovers." That all seems very mature for a 15-year-old to decide over a quarter pounder with cheese at Mickey D's. Ben probably tried to drown himself in the McPlayland ball pit after getting handed that decision.

The Danielle Fishel issue of Maxim is on newsstands now but a copy will be in my bathroom for a couple months. Boy meets I'm gonna need a world of Jergens.