When Jacoby Jones returned a kick to the house, more than a half million dollars of furniture was on the house.

A local furniture company in Baltimore promised customers who bought merchandise this past weekend everything they bought would be free if someone on the Ravens returned a kick for a touchdown at either the beginning of the Super Bowl or at the start of the second half.

Gardiners Furniture had run the promotion for the previous two Super Bowls, but since the odds of someone returning a kickoff in such a manner are about as small as, say a power outage during the biggest North American sporting of the year, you’d assume the company had nothing to worry about.

Enter Jacoby Jones.

The speedster returned the kickoff to start the second half 108 yards for a touchdown, sending Ravens fans, as well as Gardiners’ customers, into a gleeful frenzy.

To its credit, Gardiners didn’t flinch. It posted a comment on its Facebook page (and what furniture store doesn’t need a Facebook page?), saying:

"So excited for all of our customers who purchased their furniture from Gardiners this weekend before the game!!!! Congratulations to all!"

Gardiners took out an insurance policy, so the loss won't be nearly as painful as the one folks in San Francisco will be feeling for the next few months. All told, it looks like the store will be donating $600,000 worth of free furniture.

And that's more change than what people will find in their ratty old couches that half the population in Baltimore is getting set to throw out today.