We've always thought the Olympics were immune to political or social leanings. But when Cyd Zeigler and Jim Buzinski, the founders of Outsports.com, argue that the 2012 London Olympics are "the gayest ever," they don't mean there's a record number of homosexual athletes participating.

Instead, they mean there's something inherently gay about sports that involve things like poles and coxswains.

In this video, Zeigler and Buzinski riff on the pervasive gayness of the Olympics, from sports with double entendre names like pole vault and handball, to women's cycling, which Zeigler describes as "dykes on bikes." But badminton, which uses a shuttlecock, rowing, which features a crew member called a coxswain, and men's volleyball, which encourages hugging and butt-patting between teammates, are even gayer, they say.

Still, nothing even comes close to mixed martial arts, whose fans want the sport included as an official event in future games. Zeigler describes the full contact combat sport as "gay porn for straight guys" and Buzinski offers this: "Three words: rear naked chokehold."

We're suddenly seeing the Olympics in a whole new light and only watching women's volleyball from here on out.