The other night this stop sign was talking straight-up junk. He was just yapping, calling us the "p word" and questioning the size of our junk. Sure, we were a little drunk, but he was stone sober and just talking up a storm. So, our boy Raymond Garcia just stepped up and was all "What? What son? What?" and just threw a punch. It wasn't smart.

Garcia and the stop sign were trading blows when the cops arrived and Garcia decided to turn his attention to the responding officers. Also, not smart.

"First, he allegedly reacted belligerently and ran from two officers, who shot him with Taser darts. Garcia continued kicking at the cops as they got closer, police said according to KRQE-TV. Garcia was darted again, but broke off the Taser leads from his stomach. When one officer tried to use his baton, Garcia got a hold of it and attempted to use it against officers, according to police."

The cops then pepper sprayed him, and it did jack, but finally the cops got him down, arrested him and charged him with aggravated assault against a peace officer, disarming, and resisting officers.

To top it all off, this Ducks Crossing sign started to mouth off when Garcia was in handcuffs. Once he makes bail, it's going to be on son.

[Editor's Note -- Most of this story is fabricated except Garcia's arrest. No Duck Crossing signs were injured in the writing of this blog.]