The most passed around photo from ESPN Magazine's Body Issue is that of US women's soccer goalie and 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant Hope Solo. In one of her photos, Hope is casually watering the lawn buck naked. How do you water the lawn? In clothes? Don't you watch HGTV?

Seriously, what's the secret to that lawn? We've been working on the lawn in front of our office building since the Spring and it's half-dead and the color of a Twinkie. Does Hope Solo know something about lawn care the rest of us don't know? Our first thought was "good lord what a gorgeous lawn!" It must be treated with chemicals or maintained professionally by a lawn service. Oh, yeah, right. Naked soccer chick. Yippee.

The rest of the mag includes numerous hard-bodied athletes on display in just their birthday suits. Yawn. Athletes are in great shape. Water is wet. Not exactly changing the world by letting us all know the people that get paid to keep their bodies in shape are doing just that. More interesting would be former athletes that have let their bodies go to hell.

Charles Barkley out watering his lawn in the nude. Now that would sell some magazines.

[Via Deadspin]