The Iron Sheik doesn't like Glenn Beck very much but I could be reading too much into the Sheik's cryptic tweets about the conservative talk show host. Saying someone has "raisin balls" and a rice crispy penis is bad right? Yeah, I thought as much.

Glenn Beck recently referred to wrestlers and their fans as "stupid wrestling people" because of the current gimmick of Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter. Swagger and Coulter are supposed to be an extreme version of Tea Party supporters and "repeat the phrase 'We the People' as they attack WWE hero, Alberto del Rio."

Beck took offense to Swagger and Coulter, made his statement, and it got former WWE star and current loose cannon The Iron Sheik a little hot under the Iranian head wear he sports that I'm afraid to call a turban because I don't think it is one.

Sheik took to Twitter to voice his disapproval of Beck and work it into some material about the Oscars.


It's offensive AND topical like a tweet from The Onion about little kids.

Again, I just want to be sure, a crispy penis is a bad thing right? It sounds delightful.