Munchkin-voiced actress Kristin Chenoweth has starred on popular TV shows like 'Pushing Daisies' and 'The West Wing.' But after this you're only going to think of her as the loopy lady with dead people's eyelashes.

Chenoweth had an eyelash elongation procedure which used cadavers for raw material shortly before her appearance on the 'Late Show With David Letterman' Thursday night. Yes, the extremes women will go to to look good are bizarre and spectacular.

The glue used to make the lash attachment had formaldehyde in it. And since Chenoweth is allergic to formaldehyde, this happened.

As you can see, the Benadryl Chenoweth needed to keep her facial swelling down also made her, well, fun. In fact, we believe this is the first time the phrase "dead people juice" has been uttered on network TV.

Here's a tip for all the late night hosts: Benadryl in the green room for all guests.