Well, there's no doubt about it: you can find ANYTHING on the Internet.

Some enterprising (not to mention mean-spirited) go-getters have launched a new service in which people can mail excrement to someone they hate. Check out the NSFW video above for more.

It's nice to see we've come far as a civilization, huh?

This is creative and all, but may we suggest trying something even more radical: it's called nothing. That's right. We think you should just grit your teeth and talk smack about that person behind his or her back, like you've been doing since grammar school. It's the American way.

That or maybe come up with some elaborate plan to steal your enemy's child, like a real-life soap opera. But that seems like a whole lotta effort.

We have no idea how long it took to get this business off the ground, but we do know that if we were one of the people approached about investing who said no, we'd be very, very leery about checking our mail.