Jason Sadler is no stranger to finding unique ways to make money. The founder of I Wear Your Shirt makes $3,000 a week donning the shirts of brands like Pizza Hut and Doritos and then posting photos and videos of him doing so on social networks. 

Jason Sadler will also soon cease being Jason Sadler. That's because of the 30-year old entrepreneur's latest gimmick: He's auctioning off his last name for a year to the highest bidder.

Sadler has already had three surnames in his life, and when his step-dad divorced his mom earlier this year it gave him an idea. Since his last names have already proven to be disposable, he might as well earn some cash by "subletting" the space behind his first name.

So far, 22 companies have bid since November 1, with JLabAudio in the lead with 34,500. The auction ends on Dec. 12 and the year starts on January 1.

Yes, Sadler may well end up making more money renting out his last name for a year than you will make for doing your lousy job for a year. It looks like Mr. JLabAudio, or whatever it turns out to be, is poised to win 2013.